Spring Term, 2001

Lectures:        Tuesday     11:30-12:20     ABB 165
                 Friday      11:30-12:20     ABB 165
Tutorial:        Thursday    11:30-12:20     ABB 165

Objectives :  To provide the student with up to date coverage of topics related to the structure
and  function  of  chromosomes.   This  will  include  topics  on  chromosomal  structure,  repeated
sequences,  transposable  elements,  chromatin  structure,  concerted  evolution  of  gene  families,
telomeres, centromeres, gene transfer, Cot curves, isochores, heterochromatin, molecular drive.

No text - readings will be assigned from the current literature.

Evaluation:          Mid-term (fifty minutes)           25%
                     Tutorial                           10%
                     Essay                              30%
                     Final Exam                         35%

Prerequisite:   Biology 3O03 and either Biochem 2A06 or both Biochem 2EE3 and 3G03.
(Policy Reminder:  Attention is drawn to the "Statement on Academic Ethics" and the "Senate Resolutions on
Academic Dishonesty" as found in the Senate Policy Statements distributed at registration and available in the
Senate Office - Also note only McMaster approved standard calculators are permitted in tests or exams).

Brian Golding, LSB Rm. 533,
Tel. 24829, Golding@McMaster.CA,


                 Tentative  schedule  of  additional  speakers  and  dates

Jan.  12                      Last day to add/drop
Jan.  18                      First Tutorial
Feb.  16                      Last day for withdrawal
Feb.  19-23                   Reading Week
Feb.  27                      Midterm
Mar.  6-9                     Dr.  J.Xu  - Cytogenetics
Apr.  6                       Last day to hand in essays
Apr.  6                       Last day of classes

                                   A  few  of  the  topics  to  be  covered
                                     (not  necessarily  in  this  order).

General Introduction nomeclature of the chromosome
Supernumerary chromosomes
Dosage Compenstation
C-value Paradox
Cot curves
Repetative Classes of DNA
Genome Mosaicism
Chromosome Mapping
Concerted Evolution
Selfish DNA
Mieotic Drive
Chromatin structure
Transposable elements
Gene Transfer
Molecular Drive